weapon of choice

weapon of choice

the man who danced to weapon of choice

who was always our icon of creepy uncles.

Didn’t haven anything to do with that death some 100 odd years ago with that girl who was in a Santa Claus movie right?

Because he wouldn’t have been able to dance. RIGHT?


I went through this with Pete Townshend. I know they are just people like you and me. But you do look up to and admire some of these folks. So I have to think this will not the be case.

Because good art can’t come from bad people right. Yes I know it can, I just wish it it weren’t so. There’s an story  I read somewhere about a fearsome visaged man, uncouth and unclean who created the most delicate paintings. It is  Japanese story I think. This is an age old matter. Not for me to figure out, but what I’d like to think is that he wouldn’t have been able to dance with such grace if he was a murderer.