why I love the internet

why I love the internet

Sometimes you meet people online and you find out things about them from their blogs, or twitter or email lists.

And you like them. Sometimes you might never meet those folks in the flesh—but you can know them for years. I have quite a few folks like that back from the days of Gothic Auctions. They cheer me up(Grave), point me at good music(Jill C) , are big fun to read (Tui and Paula)and we can have some intense and ongoing email conversations—talking about things people are usually too nervous to bring up face to face.

#wineparty on twitter is bringing some more folks like that over the wires, onto my screen and into my life and I feel really lucky. I’ve got enough of the aspi in me that I’m more comfortable online than in person (and oh god don’t even get me started about the phone. I try to get comfortable with that and I just can’t).

I miss the way we both had lives and lived on the net when we lived in SF. I feel comfortable that way. In Fayetteville there is less online interaction—not bad just different.

ANYway—this all leads up to a gift from the very kind and wonderful gift from the awesome Jillsmo at Yeah Good Times. Her drawings crack me up weekly as do her posts and on twitter she is a gifted raconteur. Well as far as anyone can be during a happy hour mommy festival online. 

She made me this when she asked “who wants a drawing” and I started hopping in my seat saying ‘PICK ME PICK ME!!”



It’s a very happy cat wearing pants. And now I am happy. Thank you JILLSMO!!!


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