Wine and Boiling Turkeys

Wine and Boiling Turkeys

Sometimes no matter what you do you are wrong. How do you find a Zen state with that suffering?

But let’s move along then shall we?

I wish I could like wine the right way, but I like wine the silly way. by how it tastes. I’ve spent quite a bit of time around wine snobs (in that last life in SF) and I still don’t get it. When it gets dry or smoky, it just gets dry or smoky. When it’s fruity and light I can tell a taste, a difference–red or white. Maybe I should er, take a class? I almost did that in SF, but never got around to it. Before I do that I’m taking a freaking hot chef, culinary arts, wear a tall hat and whites class.

REALLY. I so want to do that. I want to feel that pressure. It’s very very weird. I hating working at Red Lobster. I hated working at Shoneys. I liked working at Hugo’s ( I did hate how I smelled at the end of the shift, Hugo’s has a distinctive aroma). but it was hard and I was 16 and a busboy. I honestly have no idea why I’m fascinated other than I love making a bit of art(it isn’t art when I do it, but it could be) and I love caring for those I love by feeding them. My father fed me and I knew he loved me that way. I like doing something like that.

But if I try this real chef type cooking thing?

I’ll fail, utterly. I know it. I did when I worked in food service. I sucked mightily. Except as a hostess and busboy. I can memorize anything and I used to be strong and fast. A matter of pride. But I want to have a culinary school cooking fantasy. How wrong is that? If you knew me well, you’d know how wrong that used to be and how right it is now.
OK. So there might be more left in me tonight, but it is on entirely different subjects. So I’ll post this and perhaps post those.

But wait, before I do–how do YOU make Turkey noodle soup? I have this giant carcass I’m boiling in water, some organic chicken stock, a bit of leftover white wine from Fangsgiving and some veg stock. The skin is floating to the top and I’m taking it out. But really what do I do? I’ve made veg stock/broth but not really a poultry stock. Please leave your recipes at the tone.

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