X chromosome

X chromosome

the sex chromosome that is present in both sexes: singly in males and doubly in females; "human females normally have two X chromosomes"

I think the biological definition of gender is obsolete.

I think gender is more fluid than that.

I think, I believe in my heart, that if there is a god he created us all in his/her/its image.

I think god is bigger than a girl or a boy a male or a female.

I think if there is a god we are incapable of comprehending this god and we are full of pride and hubris if we think we are.

So if we are to worship ,we must worship that which we do not understand and therefore give credence to other beliefs.  Who knows for sure? How did we ever get to be know it all’s? I have never seen proof that god looks like a white man.


And now I’m probably going to undercut all of that with one of my secret favorite moves of well, ever

I love Xanadu



I want to quad skate into ultimate joy!