Yes it’s this again

Yes it’s this again

I have two weeks until Max Raabe in Dallas. I’m guessing nearly everyone is over hearing how crazed I am about he and his orchestra.




And This




Good god, I love them both. I love Nena. I always have. I have NEVER EVER listened to the English side of the record. I adore her songs. I can SING all her songs in German.

But hold onto your panties. Listen to Max sing those same lyrics. Hers was punk his is all romantical and stuff

Something like this I THINK

In the fall through our rooms and time, towards endless things
Moths fly to the light just like you and I do
Somehow someday the future starts somewhere
I don’t wait any longer
Love is made out of courage
Don’t think about it for long – we drive on wheels on fire
Towards the future through the night
Give me your hand – I build a home a castle of sand for you
Somehow, somewhere, someday
The time is ripe for a bit of tenderness
Somehow, somewhere, someday
In the fall through this  room and then we wake from a dream

Just a short moment – then the night comes back