Yonderly Yearning

Yonderly Yearning

Yonderly –Doesn’t that mean over that way–way over that way? I’ve read it means mental and/or emotional distance, which sort of makes sense. But I can only find that one place, so I’m not sure that is actually a word or the definition of it.

I did find this website: Yonderly which I very much enjoy. I don’t know why I do. It seems random, but it is enjoyable, even soothing for some reason. 


But perhaps instead the word that comes to my mind is Yearning. It isn’t wanting, that is too small.  No, this is something slightly sad, something of wanting, but something of sorrow and something of need.

I yearn for another child but that is not to be. I felt that tonight as we sat with friends at a bar b que and each family had more than one.  I wonder if I will ever fully get peace with that loss.


What do you yearn for?




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