You ARE the music while the Music Lasts

You ARE the music while the Music Lasts

Well, I’m guessing it’s going to be another braindump Saturday. First things first.

I got my tickets to see

Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

with Ben and Mike in Texas in February. I’ve never looked forward to Winter so much in my life.

And a super really great email from the dashing pianist, Ian Wekwerth about my, ahem, rather enthusiastic, posting on their guestbook.

Those of you who have read me before know that I am…to put it politely, rather bonkers about

Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

I put it that way for a reason. I haven’t been fangirl bonkers about much in the last ten years, except for…

First Voltaire—way back at Convergence Vi when he very kindly dedicated “our song”  (Anniversary) to us at the fancy dress ball on the final night. He was lovely to meet on the vendor floor and I hadn’t been taken with any music so completely in a long time.


The Devil’s Bris is  one of those perfect collections of music. While I can’t say I am as crazy about everything since then—that is one of those collections that is a diamond.  It’s like riding in a velvet lined hearse on a luge chute (at times). And at others it’s like being held in your dream lover’s arms.  Meeting Voltaire and that memory is still a thing I hold most dear.

And then there was, more recently, Abney Park.  These two were years. apart.

Aside: I used to have a new “best band ever in the universe” thing happen to me more often than some girls wash their bras. I’ve always loved music. Singing it, playing it (though I was never very good at that) experiencing it…And it’s saddened me that my enthusiasm has slowed (some would say I’ve become discerning, but I think of it as being old really) in recent years. Of course I love a certain sound—an 80s or 90s and ought’s gothic sound…but getting trapped in that would be closing my mind to new things.


And I need to give a good moment to Abney Park, they are in my top 10 of bands I listen to right now. They are infectious, interesting, elaborate, gorgeous and deeply satisfying. Herr Drosslemeyer’s Doll and Airship Pirates…oh and Dear Ophelia and and …. get the picture.

Here’s one

  (Seriously—I love things like “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, but it’s like you need real music an hour later you know? even with the subtext it is like eating chinese food I didn’t mean that in a rude way,just that you are hungry a bit later!), so you must listen to Abney Park or old Voltaire.

I’ve had the luck of being able to talk to Nathan and Captain Robert and I’ve never met more wonderful folk. They spend time with their fans and are actual REAL people. They do not put on airs. They were kind  and will evermore have my support.

And then…my friend Jill posted a Palast Ochester  Youtube song. And I’ve been completely mad for them ever since.  Silly stupid mad.

It probably didn’t help that I studied German in high school, college and grad school. And also that I have a connection to wwII. And then there is that fascination I’ve had for Brecht and Weil (not to mention the vast amounts of German Lit I read)l. I have multiple collections /interpretations of their works.

Max Raabe und das Palast Orchester sound like one part of the inside of my head. There’s a section that involves the Bean and J as a family and it sounds like Danny Elfman and the soundtrack to The Nightmare before Christmas or Edward Scissorhands. Then there’s a slightly tipsy, mysterious recovering goth part that sounds exactly like Abney Park. I have a section that is a devotee of fine dining that is associated with Pink Martini.

But the romantic, true deep part of my heart. The heart that loved swing music as a picked on geek in high school? The heart that had a victrola and collected Al Jolson records as a 16 year old AND the adult who wishes she could be way more stylish and swank than she is? The one that dreams of beautiful dresses and whispered moments…well that heart sounds like


And of course there are other smaller considerations…like I cut all my hair off and I should probably buy a good bob wig for this to wear with my REAL 20s dress. I’ve got to wear kitten heels for this so I have to work on my ankle. But do I wear the real 20s dress (which yes, is frayed in places) or the J. Peterman dress I bought at a sample sale and have never worn. It’s gorgeous and beaded to infinity…but the real thing calls me. Yes, the fashion makes a difference in experiencing the entire evening. I’m so lucky my husband is indulgent (and has good taste) and that one of my best friends ever in my whole life and his husband are hosting us !!

This has gone on too long. I have other things to write about. But this…yes I work, yes there is the day to day…but a few things are transcendent—and getting to see the music of my heart—well that’s a big one (like I got to see The Who, Peter Murphy, The Cure and Nick Cave). I may never get over this!

Oh girlfriends and boyfriends of the internet. DRESS me! Help this be a perfect nighT!

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  1. James

    I’m happy to indulge you in your Max Raabe fandom. Their music makes you so happy I’d be glad to go with you even if it were some backwoods jug band. That I like it too is really just a plus for me.

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