Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.

Chinese Proverb

Welcome to my weird little spot on the web. I've been here on pywacket dot org, since about 1993. I am a Jill of all trades and a mistress of a few. I have both an undergraduate degree and a Masters in English. I have an MCSE and I've spent years working in the Technology sector. I've been trying to learn Japanese, but the progress is slow. I'm also a mom, a wife and an ailurophile. I love music, photography and making videos. I've been an actor at Ren Faire and a Victorian re-enactor. I love being at a keyboard, but I love being a part of the world too. All of it is important.

I've been on the net since 1989.I've lived in Oklahoma, San Francisco, Chicago, moved back to Northwest Arkansas where I grew up and for the last several years lived in Eugene, OR. I love the possibilities for creativity and learning that technology offers but I also know just how important it is that the human element remain in our increasingly etherized world.