Some movies I've made

I really enjoy making movies for my classes and family. I have taught a number of folks how to make a simple photograph movie and how to take  video they've shot and turn it into something amazing. I hope you enjoy these. Check out my youtube channel-- it's pink and purple because my daughter designed it :-)  If you don't see anything, it is because youtube has been blocked.

Using Jing to help you teach putting sound in powerpoint

Short Jing Movie on Sound in Powerpoint,

I Remember My Father's Hands

I made this as my part of a duo lesson plan project. We decided on the book and poem together, discussed what standards we needed to cover and I created this visual aid to widen the appeal to a greater number of learning types.

Socratic Circles

I created this movie as part of a group project for a methods class. This is intended as an introduction to a research based classroom activity which helps students work on higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. This was created as part of a presentation directed to educators.