Stop, Time

Stop, Time

There is a time in every parent’s life, when you can’t fix much  of anything anymore for your offspring.

Not because they are difficult, or angry or even annoying. Only because it is time for them to do the fixing themselves.

Couldn’t walk into a new school for her on the first day,  thousands of miles from home.

Couldn’t help her navigate making new friends, not much really.  Couldn’t help her when that one. or that other one hurt her heart.

All I can do is listen and offer some of my experience, but she’s right, it was different way back then. And in a very different place.

I was so much like her, I say. Less self assured. Less self aware. Heck, less talented really. But geeky? I was way more of a freaky kid.

And I lived through it. And I found good people who made living through school in that small town bearable, even amazing at times.

And I tell her, that from that impossible time I made friends who have lasted a life time. And I tell her that I survived a broken heart and went on to break a few myself.

And that time goes so slow for her, but it does move. And she will get there, start her adult life.

I know, because time  isn’t slow for me anymore. Time is going much much too fast.

And I’ll never stop telling her she has the best heart I’ve ever met. That she’s loyal, hard working and kind. That she has more talent

than I ever dreamed of. That she’s impossibly brave. And that within a year everything is going to change even more.

That I love her and so does her Dad –more than we ever imagined.

More and more instead of her asking if she could do something on her own, it’s me asking if I could do something  to help.