Talk about sore losers

Talk about sore losers

This from a reuters story on the elections:

“But it also gets us to a point: Democrats have spent a lot of time complaining about what the president has done. This is an opportunity for them to kind of stand up,” Snow said.

Way to extend that bipartisan handshake assholes.

Here’s hoping the recounts in Virginia and Montana go to the democrats. And then here’s hoping Impeachment is put back on the table. Seriously, what is that about? Why hasn’t Bush been impeached? He lied about Iraq and he tapped phones without warrants and that isn’t even all of the laws he’s broken.

I fell asleep watching MSNBC (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Keith Oberman) and had weird political dreams. Somehow Nancy Pelosi removed Bush’ skin mask and a BEM was underneath a la Dr. Who. Ahem.

And Arkansas now has a Democrat for a govenor for the first time in 16 years!

I think things are about to get better. I hope the Dems figure out how to bring jobs back to the US and get everyone home from Iraq we’ll be in excellent shape.