Stay Strange

Sat 3 // [IG CHALLENGE] The Best Gift I Ever Got: We all remember That One Gift that gave us The Most Joy. Show us what that gift was for you and describe why it makes gives you all the feels.

Well jeepers, I don’t have them anymore. I wore them completely out. I

Emily the Strange Giant cat feet. Meow.
Emily the Strange Giant cat feet. Meow.

actually put them on one day and my foot went right through the ” bottom.

I really like Emily the Strange. Who reminds me of a character from childhood, Rosamond from Nate the Great. James wouldn’t agree to Rosamond, so there is perhaps a little Emily the strange in her name though mostly Emily Dickinson. Emily the Strange, before it went all Hot Topic, reminded me of my own weirdness as a kid and how eventually that became something I treasure(d). For the record, I don’t mind Hot Topic–I just like it when some things aren’t mass produced.

Well this was many years ago, and I don’t have them anymore, but James and Em (she was still pretty young)got me big cat feet slippers.

And I wore them and meowed as I walked around and made her laugh. I even sometimes meowed when no one was around and then laughed myself.

There was also what we call “The Frother,” which is a little battery powered er, milk frothing thing that makes me feel fancy. I still have that, all these years later and I still feel fancy when I froth.