Sweet Bean you are 13

Sweet Bean you are 13

2002BeanbornAt some point this week our wonderful girl is going to turn 13. 13. I never understood when grownups said that time actually moves so fast since the time between 2:45 and 3:00 pm seemed to take hours.  But looking through her baby pictures and home movies I feel like the last 13 years have gone by in seconds.

I want to say something amazing and profound but I find there really aren’t words that can express what it means to have discovered that the best thing ever is being her mom. Not my degrees, not promotions, not praise, not that big salary I used to have in SF. Nope, all of them crumble to paper, then ash then fly away like nothing compared to the journey I’ve been able to share with her.

She’ s one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. I have yet to see a mean anywhere in this child. She’s just good and we will protect her to our last breath from all the yuck  that is out there. Eventually she won’t need us to, but that doesn’t mean we won’t keep trying to.

She’s talented and lovely (so much more than she knows–she’s still growing into the beauty she will be, all arms and legs and crazy hair)And good. She’s just a really good person who tries to help others. That has ended up hurting her but it doesn’t stop her.

I can easily say the very best thing I’ve ever done with my life is be her mom.

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  1. Christine

    Happy Birthday Em!

    I look forward to meeting her in person someday. Posts like this one make me wish I’d married and had kids. Oh well, choices. And non-choices.

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