A conclusion is the place where you get tired of thinking. Arthur Bloch

A conclusion is the place where you get tired of thinking. Arthur Bloch

It’s one of those days.

Days I’m just too tired. I can’t think of what to write, so I’m going to do that thing that I learned to do with kids…

I might send them to

One Word and get them thinking about one word and writing about it for sixty seconds.

Or how about something more ambitious..

Write for Ten is another good short writing place. I have enjoyed taking students there and they enjoy it more than the ancient art of putting pencil to paper.

I understand why they only teach cursive for half a year now. As much a it is sad to see it go, who even writes much anymore? Everything is typed. My kidlet can type faster now than I could with five years on her.

Finally there is 750 words which requires more than sixty seconds and more than 10 minutes.


I must admit I’m not that ambitious at this point. I got a little of the after Fangsgiving cleanup done (it wasn’t bad this year). I also  had a wonderful conversation with my sister—in which I got to really tell her how much I like being around her and how I’m glad we are friends now. It  hasn’t always been so easy for us. We dealt with our challenging childhoods in polar opposite ways. I became quiet she got loud. She is in your face and I am in the background. She fits in and I go out of my way not to. And somehow, finally, I think we actually enjoy each other. I know stealing a few minutes with her in my room last night was a total high point for me.

As was giving my niece my favorite TredAir kitty shoes that I’ve carried around for years and which got too small after having the Bean made my feet grow.

Today my hair was trimmed and made flamboyantly red again. It’s not quite a bob, but I’ll be there by February if I can keep from having Toni hack it all off again. Must look Weimar for Max Raabe concert..MUST.

Well now see what happened. I managed to get a little something down on the ‘page.’

Some cool writing sites you might try with students and a memory of really enjoying my relationship with my sister.  And a niece in cat shoes.

I wish I had the energy to be at #wineparty tonight, but that’s not going to happen.

Good night. I’m going to bite some turkey and fall over.