Once each day

Once each day

aprilmoon_day12 Oh that’s an easy one… When I pick up Em from school.

I love to see her smile as she walks out the door.

I like to see the sweet loping walk she has, all arms and legs and hair in her face.

It’s like the sun comes out from behind clouds when she appears and I hope she always sees that on my face. makabean

When I was  younger I never thought I’d be a mom. I had big plans and things I had to do. I did quite a few of those. Enough that I don’t feel like I am or have been missing out on anything. I had incredible adventures and did quite a few things I’m proud of. It would have been a serious loss in my life if I had never had a child–moreso than missing just about anything else.

I feel so lucky that I did get to have the experience of being a mother, but especially her mother. She’s so kind, so good hearted. She’s sensitive and caring and curious and silly and amazing.

I have been looked down upon for the times I’ve spent being “just a mother.” I have never been ‘just”  a mother. There’s no ‘just’ about being someone’s parent. It used to hurt when that happened but now it seems strange that anyone would be that dismissive.

Yes, like the sun through the clouds after days of rain.


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